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Honey, it's Thyme to Celebrate!

Drum roll please!!!

We’re excited to announce our Wild Thyme and Multifloral Greek Raw Honey has been awarded The Independent Best Buy Award.

This is what the team said...

‘We loved the flavour. The thyme gives a subtle, herby zing to the sweetness.’
‘If you're just after honey purely for the taste, then we'd recommend The Greek Kitchen Wild Thyme & Multifloral Greek Raw Honey.’

It’s great to see this honey getting the recognition it deserves, like the judges said the taste speaks for itself. We knew straight away the flavour was something worthy of winning awards - we also proudly received a Great Taste award for this and our Pine Tree raw honeys!

Please do email, tweet, facebook or instagram us and share what you think it goes best with (porridge combinations are always welcome - we even add a splash of our fruity and mellow olive oil to ours!).

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